Director Statement

Many years in the making, this is a true story filmed as it happened. I wanted to put Willard’s beautiful art on the screen as it was being created, set to great rock music, while digging into the issues of talented, capable artists facing obstacles to success. During filming, some very interesting events surfaced that extended the filming. I realized that this story was developing a life of its own. Also, the great original music we found for the film sound-track kept us inspired. After the investor fallout, when they got the new location for the gallery show gala with the musicians, it seemed Willard and John Felix were on their way. Yet more obstacles popped up. The story kept unfolding before my eyes, so I kept filming and editing. Making this film has been a great experience, heartbreaking at times, and will hopefully inspire other artists around the globe.

Willard Snow Biography

After growing up and graduating High School in Palos Verdes, CA, Willard graduated with an MFA in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has been a prolific artist his whole life, trained in printmaking, graphic art, painting, metal fabrication, ceramic sculpture, and just about anything to do with art. He is also well versed in art software like Photoshop, Illustrator and other computer languages. He taught Computer Graphic Design and Website Design for many years at the college level.

Director Biography –  Mark Knudson.

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Mark Knudson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from UCSB Santa Barbara studying film, music and art. He has since been a manager, a real estate agent, a writer and an entrepreneur. Since relocating to Los Angeles, CA, Mark has worked in the corporate world, film and video production, and in entertainment at several film companies. He has worked on small and large movies with Ron Althoff of Backyard Films, at Exodus Film Group in Venice Beach (‘Igor’ & ‘Hero of Color City’), and as a background actor on many big films including ‘Pearl Harbor’. He has also worked behind the camera as a photographer and videographer, and editor and cameraman for Ron James Television, including large events. At ‘Stargate to the Cosmos’ he helped gather interviews for documentaries. He has also been a Producer’s Assistant covering feature film scripts and even wrote a few scripts himself. Mark’s hobbies include photography, travel, writing, racquetball, hiking & biking.

Music Supervisor – Michael Canyon Drebert

A composer for motion pictures and television. While working under the likes of Charles Bernstein, Steven Scott Smiley, Robert Etoll, study in Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Champion’s template music with triadic reinforcement. As a child prodigy, he began playing piano at the age of five and was privately tutored in Blues/jazz and Classical discipline. His greatest passions are channeling the music of peoples character and composing it to music, film, live performance, computer graphics. Michael is highly attuned to both cycles of the earth and celestial events, including solar and lunar eclipses and the certain alignments of planets. A true performance artist on-stage musicals he studied acting at the Lucy Stern theatre in Palo Alto. California. Donating time as Judge in the Art and documentary Jury film division at N.E.M.N holding chair position for 5 years Judging Winners for the gold silver and bronze Apple Awards. Michael is also an adept computer graphic artist and an accomplished webmaster. Michael is the Creator of WORLD PULSE MUSIC ©1996, Owner of Milenia Records ©1996-2003