Director Biography –  Mark Knudson.

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Mark Knudson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from UCSB Santa Barbara studying film, music and art. He has since been a manager, a real estate agent, a writer and an entrepreneur. Since relocating to Los Angeles, CA, Mark has worked in the corporate world, film and video production, and in entertainment at several film companies. He has worked on small and large movies with Ron Althoff of Backyard Films, at Exodus Film Group in Venice Beach (‘Igor’ & ‘Hero of Color City’), and as a background actor on many big films including ‘Pearl Harbor’. He has also worked behind the camera as a photographer and videographer, and editor and cameraman for Ron James Television, including large events. At ‘Stargate to the Cosmos’ he helped gather interviews for documentaries. He has also been a Producer’s Assistant covering feature film scripts and even wrote a few scripts himself. Mark’s hobbies include photography, travel, writing, racquetball, hiking & biking.

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