Music Supervisor – Michael Canyon Drebert

A composer for motion pictures and television. While working under the likes of Charles Bernstein, Steven Scott Smiley, Robert Etoll, study in Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Champion’s template music with triadic reinforcement. As a child prodigy, he began playing piano at the age of five and was privately tutored in Blues/jazz and Classical discipline. His greatest passions are channeling the music of peoples character and composing it to music, film, live performance, computer graphics. Michael is highly attuned to both cycles of the earth and celestial events, including solar and lunar eclipses and the certain alignments of planets. A true performance artist on-stage musicals he studied acting at the Lucy Stern theatre in Palo Alto. California. Donating time as Judge in the Art and documentary Jury film division at N.E.M.N holding chair position for 5 years Judging Winners for the gold silver and bronze Apple Awards. Michael is also an adept computer graphic artist and an accomplished webmaster. Michael is the Creator of WORLD PULSE MUSIC ©1996, Owner of Milenia Records ©1996-2003

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